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Painting by Stefaan Rits


Gallery D. - 2015
Acrylic paint on canvas - 100 x 150 cm
Private Collection


Painting by Stefaan Rits


De Diagnose - 2016
Acrylic paint on canvas - 50 x 70 cm
Private Collection


Stefaan Rits (°Roeselare, 1984) is a Belgian visual artist.

He lives and works in Houthulst, West Flanders. His recent work is inspired by his many walks in which he looks for interactions between culture and nature, often with an intersection of the present and the past. As a basis, he often starts from his own photographic material, in which he prefers overexposed or underexposed photos. By filtering the light, he brings out the essence, which he then incorporates into his paintings, drawings or other forms of visual art.

Preformance by Fernand Zeste as closing of the expo in Art-Studio BriKat with Stefaan Rits, Brichard and Kathy Vandamme