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Belgian contemporary artist Stefaan Rits was born in Roeselare (Belgium) in 1984 and lives and works in Houthulst, a rural village in West Flanders.

The work of Stefaan Rits breathes an atmosphere of tranquility, but sometimes also a feeling of resignation. It is the simple expression of an objective inquiry into the often profound relationships between past and present, or simply a recording of the relevant moment in our cultural society, telling it through individual works of art or series. Common scenes are unusual representations of the Flemish landscape, representations and fusions of scenes or events from the present, the past and future inferences. As a basis, he often uses drawn or painted preliminary studies that are often made on location, old photos from archives, but especially his own photographic material in which he prefers overexposed or underexposed photos. By filtering the light, he brings out the essence, which he then incorporates into his paintings, drawings or other forms of visual art. Over the years, Stefaan Rits has created figurative work with a very eccentric approach, which has allowed him to develop his very own personal style, which makes him worthy of a special place in the landscape of contemporary Belgian art.


Curriculum Vitae

Stefaan Rits, °Roeselare, Belgium, 1984.



Painter- Restoration - 2003 MSKA Roeselare

Graphic Design - 2000 MSKA Roeselare


Solo exhibitions

2018 'OSD' Studio, - Houthulst (BE)

2018 'OSD' Studio, - Houthulst (BE)

2015 'Old to New' - Expo-Barn, Moorslede (BE)

2012 'Calculations' - Papillon, Oostende (BE)


Geselecteerde groepstentoonstellingen

2022 'Exhibition on the occasion of Craft Day' - Studio Brikat, Staden (BE)

2019 'Lifestylefair H&T' - Roeselare Expo, Roeselare (BE)

2016 'Exhibition on the occasion of Buren bij Kunstenaars' - Studio Brikat, Staden (BE)

2015 'Exhibition on the occasion of Open Heritage Day' (via Art-Illustria) - Vacant building 'In Den Goeden Koop', Moorslede (BE)

2015 'Moorslede art route' - Studio Tine Mestdag, Moorslede (BE)

2014 'Lowie Barst Uit Zijn Voegen' (via Art-Illustria) - Lowie, Veurne (BE)

2013 'Kunstgastronomie' (via Art-Illustria) - Lowie, Veurne (BE)

2012 'Cocoon' (via Gallery Thiels) - Brussels Expo, Brussel (BE)

2012 'Jaarbeurs' (via Gallery Thiels) - Roeselare Expo, Roeselare (BE)

2012 'A.CityLife' (via Gallery Thiels) - Antwerp Expo, Antwerpen (BE)

2011 'Cocoon' (via Gallery Thiels) - Brussels Expo, Brussel (BE)

2011 'Jaarbeurs' (via Gallery Thiels) - Roeselare Expo, Roeselare (BE)


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